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TV Weather Forecasts

The EMS is highlighting outstanding examples of good practice in TV Weather Forecasts at the Media Session of the EMS Annual Meetings  and through a TV Weather Forecast Award.
This site is a compilation of the selected TV Forecasts.

Highlight 2014: TV Forecast on Super Typhoon Haiwan by Tran Thao Linh, Vietnam

The entry was a good mixture of forecast details and practical information for viewers as Super Typhoon Haiwan approached Vietnam. Producer Tran Thao Linh, who is a meteorologist with a master’s degree, did an excellent job of putting the enormity of the typhoon in context by showing a video of the storm in the Phillippines, and comparing it in size and strength to other well-known storms. The parameters of the storm and its forecast track were delivered in a calm but authoritative tone. The presentation included examples of what residents could do to prepare for the impending storm’s landfall.

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